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The participant as a designer of axes and strategies for your brand and not only as a conveyor of information.

Do you want to cultivate client loyalty and attract new clients?

Two simultaneous focus groups, one with participants with positive brand views versus another with negative brand views. Afterwards, the two groups join in order to more clearly see the positioning of the brand and to overcome barriers. It is an exercise of discourse analysis and feedback where the motivating drivers and the barriers are identified.
Applications: brand image, reasons for prescribing / not prescribing, positioning, business strategy…

Do you want to reposition your product?

We investigate the axes that are defining the market of a specific area or pathology in order to later actively work with the participants and explore the future axes that will help to define and elaborate the best marketing strategy. Applications: creation of communications material, insight detection, brand diagnosis, minimization of the barriers of the more distant prescribers.

Do you want to validate your marketing strategy?

They provide versatility, “live” control, greater geographic dispersion, guarantee anonymity and lower costs.
Applications: sales actions, communications activities, communications messages.

Evolution / image change

We analyze all of the elements of the marketing mix for all of the targets that a brand/ pharmaceutical company is directed towards. This technique studies their coherence, evolution, reasons for their success or failure, their contribution to the brand image and, it especially works on building the FUTURE.
Applications: Evolutionary analysis of the brand / pharmaceutical company: detection of its values and axes of evolution of all of the marketing elements.

Personalization, experience and confidence thanks to a team of professionals with extensive experience in the medical-pharmaceutical sector.
We enjoy and take care of each phase of the research.
Another way of understanding qualitative research: the participant is a co-creator and not only a conveyor of information.
Numbers are also able to speak; our experience in the sector helps us to know how to listen to them, keeping in mind the global framework that they are placed in.
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