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Core Research


Welcome to the Essence, Experience and Personalization.

Core Research is made up of a multidisciplinary team  specialized in market research.

With an average of more than 15 years of experience per research consultant. Psychologists, Sociologists, Marketing Specialists…
We offer a quantitative and qualitative approach online as well as offline.
We view research as a strategic value for our clients, adapting to their needs in a flexible and operative way.


We accept your challenges as our own, with the aim of finding the best solution.

Our trademarks are looking at all of the details and studying them in depth.

We incorporate personal involvement in the strategic vision in the competitive framework.

Our vast experience in Research sector allows us to understand each detail.

Investigación de mercado

Personalization, experience and confidence thanks to a team of professionals with extensive experience.
We enjoy and take care of each phase of the research.
Another way of understanding qualitative research: the participant is a co-creator and not only a conveyor of information. Numbers are also able to speak; our experience in the sector helps us to know how to listen to them, keeping in mind the global framework that they are placed in.
The team at Core Research has experience in different sectors.
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